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February 15, 2018
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February 15, 2018

Can I Bring Props to My Photoshoot?

For boudoir sessions I don’t typically use traditional “props”. I shoot in more of a lifestyle boudoir photography style. This means you are already in a regular living environment that creates a more natural look that is reflective of the normal everyday. Sesion areas include large leather furniture, 2 different fireplaces (white and dark), beds, mirrors and more, rather than props that do not necessarily fit into the image bring the focus off you (where it belongs!!) and onto the prop (not where it belongs!). If you have an idea of something you would like to incorporate please feel free to discuss it with me and we can talk about options and ideas for it though and see if it makes sense as an item in the overall scene and look you are going for.

Some ideas of this would be a guitar, record player, or the like – more-so something that can be added into a regular house environment and fit in.

Fitness shoots can be a little different though. For fitness shoots, I do have a mini-gym area that includes a fair assortment of gym pieces, weights, barbell, tractor and regular tires, a pull up bar and “locker room”. If you have a particular piece of equipment you would like to bring in please let me know ahead of time. Sporting equipment – balls, bats, gloves, wraps, bicycle, helmet, swimming cap, hockey stick etc. are all fantastic items! Oh yeah, and it must fit through a regular door!