Frequently Asked Questions

Where will my photo-shoot take place?
Eleon's is located in a residential studio in Roseville. The location includes both a complete professional portrait studio with countless backgrounds and sets as well as fully furnished residential areas that provide additional looks for your shoot. The studio space also includes an assortment of weights, fitness pieces, crossfit battle rope, tow chain, 100 lb heavy bag and more.
Who will be my photographer?
Owner/Photographer Noele Dodson-DeSafey shoots all sessions booked at eleon's
Do I need to bring my own outfits?
You will have access to the ever-expanding style closet at the studio and are welcome to borrow looks from it. This includes jewelry, accessories, and wardrobe pieces. If you are interested in this option for your session you must let me know ahead of time and we can plan your looks accordingly before your shoot. For fitness shoots we have a full array of weights, punching bags, medicine balls and ropes for your use.
Will my images be posted online?
ONLY if you give permission by signing a model release - otherwise they go under lock and key and are as protected as they can possibly be.
Can I bring a friend?
If you are interested in bringing a friend with you, you must discuss this ahead of time - please no surprises. While a friend can seem like a good idea, please be aware that additional people in the studio change the atmosphere of your shoot. It no longer "all about you" and is often distracting for you as they tend to want to be involved and often need entertaining. I do highly recommend against this.
What is the turnaround time?
Your finished images are typically available for viewing and ordering about 10 days after your shoot. Prints typically take about 2 weeks and albums 3-4 weeks to come in once the order has been places.
I've never modeled before and I 'm not "photogenic".
It's not your job to be photogenic - it's my job to photograph you in the most flattering way you have ever see yourself. I am a professional photographer with extensive training and education in posing and working with clients. I will coach you the entire time on exactly what to do and how to move so that you are guaranteed the most amazing and flattering images of yourself. If you have any specific questions or concerns about posing though, please do not hesitate to ask.
Should I tan beforehand?
No! Tanning is not necessary or recommended for most sessions. Further, sunburns and lines cannot be photoshopped - please be careful in the sun before your shoot
Physique Portraits - I know tanning is commonplace here. We will likely use oil during your shoot. If tanning please make sure that it can handle this.
What about Hair and Makeup?
While it is not mandatory it is highly suggested that you have this professionally done. The studio works with a makeup artists whose services can be added on to any sessions, and best of all your makeover is done right here at the studio for added convenience. If doing your own or making your own arrangements for this - I recommend a good (dark) smokey eye, false lashes, gorgeous lip color and hair in big, loose curls. Contouring and highlighter are not recommended and typically do not register well in camera.
I'm ready and excited what do I need to do?
Contact the studio with the form on the contact page, by phone, email or text to book your session date and time. Session fee is due at time of booking. Payment for products is due at time of ordering.