Justin Beacham – Studio Fitness Shoot
July 18, 2017
Men in the Studio!!!
July 18, 2017

Glamour! Because it’s Not Only Boudoir at Eleon’s

More Than Just Boudoir…

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE shooting boudoir images for all the lovely ladies that come through the door, but I also realize it may not be for everyone. With that in mind I also shoot a lot of beauty and glamour sessions.

These sessions are perfect for teens, a mother/daughter day out and anyone else who wants something a little more conservative – but still fun and well…glamorous. They are ideal time to bring out the glamorous gowns in the back of your closet, fun outfits you may not get to wear everyday and not to mention a great reason to go out and buy something new just for the occasion! 

The studio has an extensive selection of jewelry and accessories you are welcome to borrow as well as some wardrobe pieces, including lots of pieces from Bebe and Betsy Johnson as well as custom and one of a kind pieces too!  There’s also a huge, and what appears to be never ending, rack of lots of big, puffy, tulle skirts in a variety of colors – just ask about colors, themes, concepts and selection and I am happy to work with you to put something together. 

For the ultimate day of pampering, I do highly suggest professional hair and makeup – false lashes too!  Even if you just get the $2 set from Target they will make all the difference in a photo shoot – and don’t forget mascara is also a must on the bottom lashes!  This can all be added on and done right here in the studio! I am also in contact with several makeup artists who will meet you right here at the studio for the ultimate in convenience – just ask and I will connect you. 

Call or message me and we can start designing your ultimate beauty and glamour session today!