Manpreet – Physique Studio Photo Shoot
July 18, 2017
Eleon’s Photography Shoot with Nic Kinslow – Bellagio, Las Vegas
July 18, 2017

Hair – Hair

I have naturally curly hair – not good curly hair either. My daughter got great naturally curly hair and I have friends who love their naturally curls! I got crazy, frizzy, chaotic, unmanageable curls and I’ve never really figured out how to make them look good. A few times a year I will try to embrace my curls and make them work, trying new products, and styling ideas, but have yet to find a method or product that calms the chaos so I truly embrace the curls and always end up going back to my flat iron.

I started straightening my hair years ago – where were these devices when I was growing up? I’m just going to say these are probably one of the greatest inventions of the modern world. I love my Chi flat iron.  But, per a recommendation, I recently purchased a Beach Waver curling iron, so yes, that means I straighten my curly hair then re-curl it – obviously a completely logical process on my part! Ughhh…. so much work!

I have to laugh – when I bought the Beachwaver it was also suggested that I purchase these two bottles of potions for styling, but I honestly can’t remember what I’m supposed to do with them so they have just sat on the counter for months now! I’ve managed to try to the Beachwaver a couple of times now and I kind of like it – it’s fun! It actually rotates around the curl FOR you – just remember to let go of the button or it just keeps going! Yep – this fancy hair technology is a lot for me to learn but I will get there.

I need to know your favorite hair products! Especially if you have curly girl hair suggestions – someday I hope to have a head of prefect and awesome little ringlets!