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Kirby Quick – Physique Studio Shoot

Name: Kirby Quick – Bodybuilder
Location: Sacramento, CA
Age: 33

Kirby was a great subject – his dedication to his physique, while impressive, could never compare to his dedication to his son.  Listening to him talk about his son was absolutely heartwarming and an example of how every father should treat their child. 

1. How did you get started?

It’s a very long story but to keep it simple I had server asthma as a child and that bothered me so much that I wanted to change that because I wanted to be able to play sports like my younger brothers. So one day I met a doctor that told me to help control my asthma I should run and let’s just say after that the rest was history.

2. Why do you keep going?

I keep going because of my son, because of everything I dream of having for the both my son and I and simple because I want to be a positive light in this world.

3. What is your athletic background?

Muay Thai, boxing, takwondo, ju jitsu, calisthenics, powerlifting

4. What keeps you motivated?

My son

5. Why do you do it- what do you love most about it?

I love the grind and the hard work that is need to be successful.

6. What does your training look like?

Well a mixture of a lot of things which can be found on my ig page kirby3_3quick

7. Typical daily food?

Usually whatever I want

8. Cheat foods/meals?

Wendy’s and Oreo’s vanilla

9. What is your advice for someone who wants to get started?

Get started.

10. What does a day in your life look like?

Day in the life work train work sleep train and weekends relax maybe a movie or treat myself out for dinner.

11. Pre/Post workout tips/routines?

Really don’t have any

12. Any hobbies outside of the gym?

If I had a motorcycle it would be going for random cruises

13. What is the most important aspect of training?

Listening to your body

14. What do you love most about working out/training/bodybuilding?

Gives me a since of peace

15. Any heroes in the field, anyone you admire and why?

I wouldn’t say heroes but I do have a lot of individuals that inspire me because I can relate to the struggles they endured to get to where they are at today.

16. Favorite muscle building exercise?


17. Any training mistakes you want to admit to?

Well anyone who has trained will have a few but I wouldn’t say they are mistakes but I feel just like myself a lack of knowledge. When I started the only knowledge I had was from high school and the army.

18. Favorite cardio?

Muay Thai

19. If you could only chose 3 exercises what would they be and why?

Squats because I builds a great foundation, dead lifts overall great full body engagement, muscle ups just because I think that is a very stellar movement.

20. What’s on your workout playlist?

Whatever keeps me amped so maybe rock some Hip hop even some techno

21. Any fitness myths that make you chuckle?


22. Favorite motivational quote?

Pain is temporary success is forever

23. What are your future goals, dreams and plans?

Own my own gym is a huge goal of mine dreams well that could go on forever but I’d like to act.

24. Gyms you frequent:

Fitness Rock, Legacy Muay Thai and Fitness Sacramento, Super Training Gym