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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017

Tri-Athlete Photo Shoot with Kimberly Kelley

Name:  Kimberly Kelley – Tri-Athlete
Location: Folsom, CA
Age: 46

How awesome is Kimberly!! I had such a great time working with her – we talked way too much and ended up with a much longer than normal shoot, but as another mom she had the most inspiring story and I just couldn’t get enough of it.  Her original intention was to just complete one triathlon to say she did it, but loved it so much she is going to do another! Talk about an awesome mom – and she works full time as a special ed teacher too! What a role model!!

1. Tell me about yourself?

I have four wonderful children and one granddaughter that are the light of my life.  I am special education teacher and I absolutely love my job.  I’ve suffered from chronic back pain most of my life and thanks to Folsom Physical Therapy I’ve been able to accomplish my dream of completing a marathon and Olympic distance triathlon. I have incredible and supportive friends and family. My wonderful boyfriend helped me train for the triathlon and now I’m helping him prepare for his half iron man.

2. How did you get started?

A marathon and triathlon were both on my bucket list. The triathlon training was perfect for my body due to the multiple muscle groups and cross training.

3. Why do you keep going?

I love being active and being able to do what I want physically! I also have a great group of friends and work out buddies to keep me accountable! Pain or avoiding back pain is also a strong motivator.

4. What is your athletic background?

I’ve always been a runner and I love physical activities such as horseback riding, dancing, skiing, swimming, and most sports.

5. What keeps you motivated?

The desire to feel my best and enjoy doing things such as travel and play with my loved ones.

6. Why do you do it- what do you love most about it?

I do it because when I’m not in pain I’m a better mother, girlfriend, teacher, daughter, sister and friend and that’s what life is all about for me, time with those you love.

7. What does your training look like?

I get up every week day morning at 5:10am. 4 days a week I go to Folsom Physical Therapy core body training for 1 hour. The other 3 days, I bike, run, and/or swim. I also do evening workouts 3-5 times a week. When I’m not training I workout 7-10 hours a week, when I’m training 14-18 hours a week.

8. Typical daily food?

Oatmeal with walnuts, banana, strawberry, cinnamon and turmeric. Kind bar and my special shake, broccoli and chips. Sausage and meatballs over spaghetti with French bread.

I also drink only water (minimum 64 oz daily) and my special shake, although I do get a macchiato 2 times a month

9. Cheat foods/meals?

Mini snickers, Doritos, and caramel macchiato

10. What is your advice for someone who wants to get started?

Just do it! Get a support team or exercise buddy.

11. Pre/Post workout tips/routines?

Stretch and roll.  Ice and epsom salt bath if you’re sore

12. If you use protein shakes do you have a favorite?

I make my own daily shake: kale, spinach, carrots, kefir, apples, banana, strawberries, and almond milk. I make a batch of ten and freeze them for the week.

13. Any hobbies outside of the gym?

Horseback riding, dancing, skiing, hiking, reading, writing, time with those I love.

14. What is the most important aspect of training?

Safety, know your body and how to avoid injuries.

15. What do you love most about working out/training/bodybuilding?

The way I feel!

16. Any heroes in the field, anyone you admire and why?

Michael Moore and Lionell St Pierre

17. Favorite muscle building exercise?

Back trainer

18. Milestones that have given you an extra motivation boost?

Birth of my granddaughter, I need to keep up with her.

19. Any training mistakes you want to admit to?

I fell over twice while trying to learn how to ride using the clip in pedals

20. Favorite cardio?


21. If you could only chose 3 exercises what would they be and why?

Running, swimming, and bicycling, that covers just about everything!

22. Any secrets you are willing to share?

No secrets, I’m an open book

23. What’s on your workout playlist?

Pandora I wanna exercise radio