Isaak Bunyatyan
February 15, 2018
Can I Bring Props to My Photoshoot?
February 15, 2018

What About Retouching on Your Images?

I’m kind of old school – film and a darkroom kind of photographer – long before digital was a thing! My retouching then consisted of adjusting the contrast in images and dodging and burning shadows! Yep – back in the day this was all done by hand while the image was being projected to the paper below…all in a darkroom with a tiny red light in the corner and the smell of chemicals all around

I try to do about the same thing as a general rule when working with images on the computer. I will remove blemishes and do a light skin smoothing as well as my old school contrast and dodging/burning where appropriate. At your request I can also remove scars. I am finding, however, that more and more people leave them in these days – battle survivor scars that they are proud of – something that has made them who they are today! The same usually applies to tiger stripes that have been earned over the years! I love the body positivity that we are surrounded by more and more lately. If, however, you would prefer a stronger approach to editing, please let me know and we can discuss your desires.

Since I started with film I do try to accomplish the majority of what I want the finished image to look like in camera with incredible posing and lighting. Let me know your favorite or least favorite assets and I can pose and light you to bring attention to and emphasize your favorite features while downplaying the ones you aren’t as in love with. It’s a creative dance of light and posing to achieve your most amazing images ever.

As I said, if there is something more you are looking for in the post process, let’s chat and get you exactly what you are looking for. With that being said, I do not change eye color, resize a 22 into a size 2 (you are beautiful whatever size you are!) nor do I add muscle. I also do not edit/fix anything that you can take care of prior to coming in. This includes tan lines, sunburn, excess hair, hair roots, and nail polish. Please touch up roots, remove hair you don’t want to see, come in with freshly polished or no polish nails – consider a French tip or nude colored nails.