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February 15, 2018
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Will My Images be Posted on the Internet?

This has always been a popular and concern when it comes to boudoir photography. The simple answer is – absolutely not!

…..unless you want them to be!

What about all the images on the website? A lot of ladies are really proud of the images we have created and want to share them online. In that case, they have a signed a model release that gives me permission to post and share their images. Of course, this is not a mandatory condition of booking a shoot with the studio though.

With that being said, there are also many reasons ladies do not want their images shared and I completely respect the decision. It could be that you are just simply a more private person and these are private images that you are doing for yourself and/or for your significant other. If so, we can definitely keep them under wraps and just for your eyes!

Careers are also an important factor when deciding if you want your images shown – teachers are a great example of this. It’s also not unusual to have a career or even just a current employer that would frown upon this type of image being posted in a public medium. In that case, I would not only would suggest you not sign a model release for me to post intimate images, I would also advise you to not post them on your own personal social media to protect yourself.

Another fun consideration, however is to sign a release for “anonymous” images to be used. These are images that just focus on the sexy details of the shot and do not show your face – you remain anonymous!! You know it’s you but nobody else will and there is definitely something sexy about that little secret too!

I have to confess that some of my best work has never been posted and never will be because I don’t have permission to share them with all you gorgeous people. And yes… it crushes the artist inside me when this happens but I really do respect your wishes – this secret is safe with me!!

Let’s shoot! If you want to show off your images afterwards – brag about your sexy self – I’d love to post them! If not, and you want to just enjoy the experience and keep the awesome images that come with it to yourself, I will keep them under lock and key and it can be your own sexy little secret.